Image Hover Add-on for Fusion Builder

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new plugin! Image hover add-on for Fusion Builder and Avada. The add-on features 200+ hover effects for your site, that completely transforms your typical looking images to an attractive CTAs. Let your visitors know more about each image on your site when they hover on the image.


image hover plugin


Single plugin with 200+ Hover Effects

Image Hover Add-on for Fusion Builder provides 200+ hover styles to use on your images. You can apply multiple effects on different pages and make them look more and more beautiful.

35+ Effect Categories

We’ve categorized the effects for you. You can choose effects from 35+ categories. Check our demo to see the previews of all the hover effects.

List of Effect Categories:

Here’s the list of the hover effect categories. Click on each of them to see the live preview of all the effects included.


You can get all of these fantastic hover effects with just one plugin, Image Hover Add-on for Fusion Builder. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of the plugin now! And add these beautiful effects to your site.

Do you need a similar or custom functionality element built for your site? We have a great partner who can help.