Elegant Tabs

#1 Selling Tabs Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder

The Elegant Tabs adds styles and effects for modern tabs; from a simple box to a SVG shape. Depending on your design, different tab layouts and looks can spice up your sections; think outside of the box (literally) and you’ll see how interesting the usually boring tabs can become.

Elegant Tabs - Features

Elegant Tabs for WPBakery Page Builder comes with awesome features that you will barely get with any tabs plugin. Elegant tabs come with 10+ beautifully crafted tab styles and with unlimited customizability. You can see each tab in action by visiting the dedicated demo page for each of the tab styles.

10+ Tab Styles

Elegant Tabs for WPBakery Page Builder comes with more than ten beautifully designed awesome tab styles to fit your design requirements. Each tab style is truly customizable with multiple layout options.

Row & Column Support

Having an ability to add content with columns inside the tabs is the most useful feature. You can easily divide your content into columns and preset it in a unique way. Also, you can insert any core element as well.

Horizontal & Vertical Tabs

Taking in mind that your site may need to have the tabs in vertical navigation, we have added an option for you to easily switch the tab navigation from horizontal to vertical and make tabs look unique.

Justified Tabs

Fit your tabs in the container by acquiring the full width and divide the tab navigation across it to make each tab equal width. Justified tabs option works similar to equal width option but it goes fullwidth of the container.

Align your tabs

As your content flows, so your tabs should. You can align the tabs to left, right and center according to the content alignment on your page to keep the content alignment in a consistent way through out the site.

Animate your tab content

You might have been a fan of waypoint js to move your elements with animation. We have provided you with an option to animate your tab content. When you switch between tabs, the content is animated.

Image Icon Only Tabs

You can display tabs with an image as icons only and without tab titles. This is best for displaying tabs with information about your partners, employees and much more. Also, you can display a different image on hover.

Any Tab Active

You can set any tab as active when the page is loaded. This is helpful when you want to highlight a particular tab or set any tab active to display content evenly on a page having multiple tabs.

Auto Switch Tabs

You have the ability to switch the tabs with a custom interval. Set tabs to switch automatically if you want to display a flow of certain things and user don’t need to click on the tab to activate it to view its content.

Hide All Tabs

If you want to display only tabs navigation on initial page load then you have the ability to doing so with Elegant Tabs. You can hide all the tabs content area at initial page load and display only the tab navigation.

Equal Width Tabs

Often times, the tab width can be variable depending on the tab title length. You can control the tab width and set all tabs to share equal width so the tabs navigation looks good even with variable title length.

Show/Hide Tabs on Click

The feature that no other tabs plugin provides. You can enable the tabs to be opened and closed on click. This feature allows you to hide all your opened tabs so you can navigate through the page easily.

Tabs with Subtitles

Does your tab title not enough to explain the tab? You have the ability to set tab subtitle and explain the tab more effectively. Sub-titles for the tabs make it easier to say more about that tab within its navigation.

Custom Colored Tabs

Want to give each of your tabs its own color? Now, you can. This feature is must when you have brand information or want to represent each tab with its own color and make your site look more beautiful.

Switch Tabs on Hover

Allow users to switch tabs when they move their mouse pointer over the tab title. With this feature, it will be easier for the users to navigate through the tabs and view its content without even clicking the tab.

Tabs to Carousel

Have you ever saw your tabs going to second line just because they don’t fit in the container? Thought to have them slide like carousel instead of showing on the new line? Here’s the option for you.

Sticky Tabs

What if the tab content is longer than the screen size and you need to scroll up to switch tabs? Ever wanted to see your tabs floating like your sticky header? Now, you can set your tabs to be sticky as well!

Close Accordions on Mobile

Do you want to hide all your accordion content by default on mobile? You have an option. Just enable it and see the magic. The tabs as an accordion on mobile will have all closed by default when loaded.